Treehouse Lodge Meets with Vice-Presidential Candidate on Environmental Issues

The environment matters to us here at the Treehouse Lodge. Our 8 treehouses (soon to be 10!) are built in the heart of the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet. From our treehouses that soar anywhere between 30-70 feet in the air you get a front row seat to the birds, monkeys, sloths, and other flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon.

In addition to providing remarkable guest adventures and preserving our local environment, we’re interested in helping Peru as a whole progress towards more environmentally friendly initiatives.


Recently, we sent 2 of our Treehouse Environmental Advocates to meet with Jose Chlimper Ackerman, Vice-Presidential candidate for the Fuerza Popular political party in Peru.

Mr. Ackerman was impressed at our commitment to solar energy, our elimination of one-time use plastic, and our rainwater catchment system. To his knowledge we’re the first hotel to do anything like that in Peru.

We discussed a handful of topics including mis-handled oil corporations in the Amazon, deforestation, solar energy and other renewable energy options for Peru, as well as the impact of one-time use plastic in the Amazon. Some of the ideas that we presented peaked Ackerman’s interest to include in the Fuerza Popular’s action plan.


Anytime we get the opportunity to help protect the Amazon environment, we’re on board. We’re grateful for the time Mr. Ackerman gave to Treehouse Lodge to discuss these issues and to plan together on how to preserve the incredible scenery of Peru.

Happy Travels…


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