Treehouse Three

Treehouse Three – Rio Vista

Treehouse 3 is the only treehouse with a view of the Yarapa River at Treehouse Lodge. It sits 39 feet off the ground and spans approximately 19 feet in diameter. Like Treehouses 1 and 2, Treehouse 3 offers distinct views you can enjoy right from your bedroom whether it be high or low water season. In addition, from this treehouse you may see some local villagers fishing or even a river dolphin if you’re lucky. Treehouse 3 is built in a beautiful Oje tree surrounded by jungle vegetation. A portable bed can be provided if requested for an additional person.

Directions to Treehouse 3: Walk south about 200 yards from the main lodge on a raised wooden and covered pathway to a tree on the river bank where you climb up about 20 ft on stairs circling the tree trunk.

Room Details

  • One king bed or two twins
  • 39 feet off the ground
  • Diameter of 19 feet
  • Sleeps up to 3 people
  • Closest to the Yarapa River
  • Private Bathroom with Cold Shower

Stay Includes

  • 3 meals per day
  • Personal guide
  • Mosquito mesh netting for bed
  • Multiple daily excursions

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