Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Treehouses

Treehouse Lodge has recently added a solar power system that will operate all of the electrical needs of the amazon lodge including lights, fans, kitchen, refrigeration and freezing, and communication. We collect sun all day and store electricity in batteries and consume it in the evenings and nights. Only on very overcast days do we have to rely on a generator. We even have a special solar freezer which is designed to use low power continually instead of heavy power in bursts.

The advantages of a self sustainable Amazon treehouse lodge are immense. Just to name a few:

  • Experience: Even being in the middle of the amazon jungle we can provide a beautiful experience for our guests without negatively impacting the environment we’re trying to share.
  • Water: We have all the water we need by pulling directly from the river and purifying in a multiple tank process.
  • Electricity: All electricity used at the jungle lodge comes from the sun.
  • Waste: Disposal of waste is done in eco-friendly sceptic systems.
  • Cost savings: Gasoline and diesel fuel are expensive in this area. The up front costs of solar power are large, but the long term savings are even larger.
  • Sound: The sound of the jungle is one of its most mesmerizing features. At Treehouse you are absorbed in jungle sounds instead of the constant rumbling of a generator.
Our goal was to build a treehouse lodge which allowed our guests to live among the animals and view the forest up close. Our hope is that every guest will return home with an increased appreciation for and commitment to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. Treehouse Lodge was built by hand, with no heavy equipment, careful to leave the most minimal footprint possible. Every effort was made to preserve every tree and plant on the property.

Treehouse Lodge is powered with sustainable principles. Solar panels collect energy throughout the day that is stored in batteries and then used in the evening to light the ecolodge and power the fans and electrical outlets. Minimal amounts of power are required during the day to power the freezer, refrigerator, and kitchen. We have a generator for backup purposes, but our ideal is to leave it unused. You’ll appreciate the silence of solar power when you immerse in the sounds of the jungle.

At Treehouse Lodge, we bring in fresh, purified water for drinking and cooking to ensure the health of our guests. Most of the water used at Treehouse comes from the river. We have a 4-tank water purification system that provides water for showers, toilets, sinks, and cleaning. The first tank allows the sediment to settle. The second two tanks are for purification. The final tank sits atop a high tower for pressure. Additionally, every treehouse has it’s own purified water tank for showers, toilets, and sinks.

Construction of the Iquitos treehouses was accomplished using onsite tree experts. Methods and techniques were learned from consultants with decades of experience who have worked building in trees and maintaining platforms and cable bridges.

We are proud to be driving toward 100% energy self sufficiency at Treehouse Lodge and we hope you’ll help us in our efforts to productively enjoy the beautiful rainforest habitat.


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