Food & Drinks

Food & Drink



Treehouse Lodge provides guests with 3 quality meals per day. Every meal is served in our main lodge protected from the insects and elements. When your excursion takes you away from the lodge during meal time, a packaged meal will be provided. Our world-class chef creates tasty and beautiful meals made from a combination of chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables prepared Peruvian style. We hope the food will exceed your expectations – especially for a restaurant in the middle of the jungle! Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will do everything we can to adapt to your needs.

Our kitchen is equipped with commercial, stainless steel appliances and facilities, refrigerator, and freezer. The dining area is furnished with comfortable chairs and tables, fully enclosed in mosquito mesh, with ceiling fans above to keep you cool. For your enjoyment, there is a beautiful circular bar in the middle of the lower floor. Though beverages from the bar are extra, water is included in your price. Purified water is shipped into the lodge for your health and safety.


With Alcohol

Cointreau – $10
Cuba Libre – $10
Gin Bombay – $10
Gin Tonic – $12
Malibu / Coca Cola – $10
Maracuya Brisa – $10
Pisco Sour – $10
Tequila Puro – $8
Ron Habana Club / Cocona – $10
Vino Tacama Tinto – $10
Vino Tacama Blanco – $10
Vino Casillero Del Diablo – $12
Vodka Absolut – $12
Vodka Tonic – $12
Vodka/Naranja – $10
Pisco – $10
Cusqueña (Local Beer) – $3
Pilsen Callao (Local Beer) – $3

Without Alcohol

Coca Cola – $2
Coca Cola Zero – $2
Inka Cola – $2
Powerade – $2
Juice is included with breakfast.  Other times of day- $3

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