Best Time To Go

Best Time To Go

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter – Treehouse Lodge remains an ideal vacation retreat year-round. In planning your trip, you will want to take into consideration the type of Amazon experience you prefer. December – May brings high-water followed by the low-water season that spans June – November. Still, the temperature, humidity, and daylight hours are similar year-round due to the lodge’s close location to the equator. Here are some of the differences between high water and low water seasons…

High Water:

  • Typically December through May
  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet higher.
  • More waterways are navigable by canoe for animal and forest viewing in lakes and streams.
  • More rain but generally not bad at all. Rain occurs frequently in low season too.
  • A few degrees cooler.
  • There tends to be a few more mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute and they can be found year round.
  • 3 of the treehouses are in the flooded area between the river and the main lodge which makes a beautiful scene. The cable bridges easily carry you above the water.
  • The amazon rainforest is usually its lushest and some would say most beautiful.
  • More pink dolphins can be found directly in the front of the treehouse hotel, but they can easily be seen year round not far from the lodge.

Low Water:

  • Typically June through November
  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet lower.
  • More jungle paths are exposed for walking excursions.
  • Travel to some areas requires a little walking instead of only canoe.
  • Less rain.
  • A few degrees warmer.
  • There tends to be fewer mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute.
  • More people travel to Peru during June – August because that’s when they go on vacation.
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