Giving Back

Giving Back

Clean Water Project May 2016

One of the villages nearby Treehouse Lodge faces very difficult conditions each year when the river rises. The water often rises 30 feet before it begins to recede. During this wet period there is no dry ground for the villagers to live on.

In bad years, the water even raises high enough to flood their stilted homes. As a result, they are forced to live out of canoes and abandon their home until the water recedes. Given these treacherous conditions, the villagers have no other option but to relocate across the river to higher ground. We would like to help them in their efforts by creating a clean water system for their newly established village.

The lack of clean water is a primary cause of disease among the villagers. They have never had access to a basic water filtration system.

Our dream is to replicate the same water system that we have at Treehouse Lodge.

This is a multi-step filtration system that purifies and stores the water so that the villagers will have a consistent supply of clean water and begin to stem their hardships. We cannot do this alone and we would like your help! We will soon be organizing a list of items that our guests can volunteer to buy when they come to Treehouse Lodge. If you’d like to participate, please call 435-879-5839.

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Medicine and Clothing – January 2015

On this recent trip, we gave clothes and medical supplies to 2 local villages. The medicine included a lot of very basic things they need like Advil and Tylenol and antiseptics and gauze, but also some not-so-basic things they need like viper anti-venom kits.

Christmas at the Orphanage – December 2014

We invited all the kids and parents from two local villages to Treehouse for a Christmas celebration. Christmas for them usually involves a clown, small gifts, and chocolate. We hired a couple clowns to come to the lodge and entertain the kids. It was a great time for all.

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