Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge, located in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, features 12 treehouses between 35 - 75 feet above the jungle floor

Treehouse Twelve – Soledad

Treehouse Twelve is our newest treehouse, and perfect for viewing animals. Getting there is a most adventurous journey because of the 3 cable bridges. ...

Treehouse Eleven – Swiss Family Robinson

Treehouse Eleven is our largest Treehouse consisting of three separate rooms. It was built inside a huge Renaco tree with many beautiful meandering tru...

Treehouse Ten – Costa Bella

Treehouse Ten is right on the river bank and has the best river view. Enjoy seeing the occasional fisherman or villager and sometimes ...

Treehouse Nine – Serena

Treehouse Nine is one of the largest and newest treehouses on the property and while it is not exactly on the river bank of the Yarapa, it is very clos...

Treehouse Six – Casa Alta

Treehouse Six is the second tallest treehouse. It towers over the jungle providing magnificent views of the surrounding rainforest. It’s a great place ...

Treehouse Five – Bamboo House

Treehouse Five has an exterior stair case that takes you outside the platforms and enters in through the side of the treehouse. On top...

Treehouse Lodge

The only all-inclusive treehouse lodge in the Amazon, delivering a once in a lifetime experience. We are located in the Peruvian Amazon at the confluence of the serene and protected Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. Come stay with us and you’ll see the rainforest from an entirely new perspective that most visitors never experience… the tree top canopy.

You’ll never forget the experience of watching monkeys and birds at eye level as every morning you’ll wake up to a safari of animal life before you even get out of bed. Not to worry, you won’t sacrifice any of the usual comforts found on the ground. Every bungalow is equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. Your personal treehouse bungalow gets you up off the jungle floor and helps you enjoy the airy relief from the heat and humidity. Sure, you’ll get a little extra exercise walking up to your bungalow, but after a meal filled with our delicious food, you’ll welcome it.

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