Sachin, Rikin, and Sonny


Sachin, Rikin, and Sonny

Wow! Thank you for a unique and amazing experience. The Treehouse was a clean, comfortable place to stay. We felt we were part of the jungle life. The food, drinks, and hospitality were perfect. The entire staff was welcoming, kind, and attentive to our needs. With all that said, this would not have been the experience it was if it wasn’t for our guide, Alan, and our boat driver, Manuel, the machete man. Not only did we get to see the jungle life and had a chance to appreciate how the people of this land survive, we were also moved internally in our own lives. There is a sense of gratitude, joy, and openness for life that comes from seeing so much contrast to our own lives. Our favorite part was the village. We got to play soccer with the kids and treat them to sodas and candy.

Thanks again!

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