Peter and Alice


Peter and Alice

Our experience in the Treehouse was truly an experience we will never forget. We had adventures that had us in awe. Our guide, Edgar, was so knowledgable about all aspects of the Amazon River and jungle. One magical moment was when Edgar silently went deep into the jungle, using his machete to slice through the dense jungle to show us at least 30 brilliant blue macaws on a dead tree. They were squawking up a storm.

Another favorite experience was at Monkey Island. A black monkey walked along the edge of the skiff, put his hand on my knee and proceeded to hop into my lap and look deep within my eyes. So incredible. The staff was wonderful and the food amazing. We let our inner children out as we explored every treehouse and walked all the suspension bridges. I have to say it was the “coolest” place we have ever stayed in our lives. We would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience living among the birds and monkeys high above the jungle floor.

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