5 Reasons You Should Have Your Honeymoon in The Amazon

What better way to start your life together than with a once in a lifetime experience in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon? Make your honeymoon unforgettable at Treehouse Lodge by choosing one of our 12 treehouses  for you and your loved one to discover the magic of the amazon jungle.

Why you should choose the Amazon as your honeymoon destination:

1. Unique destination

Did you know that the Amazon has been named as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature because it’s the world’s largest tropical rainforest and the most biodiverse as well?

At Treehouse Lodge you’ll experience sleeping in an actual treehouse equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. The bungalows range from 36 ft to 67 ft, all joined by secure walkways and platforms for excellent wildlife spotting opportunities with your partner. Also, this treehouse resort has been considered one of the 10 most unusual hotels in the world by National Geographic.

honeymoon in the amazon

2. Flexible Itineraries

One of the best things about choosing the Amazon rainforest as your honeymoon destination it’s you’ll never get bored because of the variety of activities and tours you’ll find there. At Treehouse lodge you can choose more than 15 excursions. From swimming in the Amazon river with your partner, to stargazing on a nighttime river cruise, or just relaxing with an unforgettable view from the treetop canopy, Treehouse Lodge is the perfect venue to start your adventure together.


3. Amazing photos

The Peruvian Amazon is full of unique picture-perfect romantic moments and incredible spots to keep your experience as a memory in a photo, or to share it on social media.

honeymoon in tha peruvian amazon

4. All-Inclusive

The last thing you want to have to do on your honeymoon is worry about the logistics of a trip in the Amazonian rainforest. At Treehouse Lodge you will have an all-inclusive experience. From the excursions, private guides, private boat drivers, transportation, and of course to all of your meals. Speaking of food, your meals at Treehouse Lodge feature the world-famous Peruvian cuisine which will surely be a memorable part of your Honeymoon stay.


5. Romance Package

The ultimate Treehouse Lodge romance package is the best option if  you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, whether you’re planning your honeymoon, celebrating your anniversary, renewing vows or even your wedding. Now, we can offer you a special romance package that includes a decorated area of the lodge, 1 Bottle of Wine, Pablo the Sloth as a witness (when available, not guaranteed), a professional photo package and more. Visit our site for more details!

romance package    romantic package treehouse lodge

What Does The Inside of Treehouse Lodge Look Like?

Although the photos of our Treehouses are stunning and shared across social media all over the world, the true beauty of Treehouse Lodge is from the inside looking out. Check out this blog to get to know the interior of each of our 12 treehouses, located in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Check out the interior of our 12 treehouses:

Treehouse 1 – Dos Ramas

Treehouse one has a beautiful view of both the jungle and the towering Comedor. It’s the closest to the main lodge. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 36 feet off the ground and diameter of 17 feet.

tree house interior eco lodge iquitos peru

Treehouse 2 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Two is located above the seasonally flooded zone of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 38 feet off the ground and diameter of 16 feet.

tree house interior

Treehouse 3 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Three is the only treehouse with a view of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 39 feet off the ground and spans approximately 19 feet in diameter.

tree house interior

Treehouse 4 – Casa Grande

Treehouse Four looks and feels like the charming home fit for the Swiss Family Robinson. Sleeps up to 5 people (one king bed and one twin or three twins). It sites 34 feet off the ground and diameter of 22 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 5 – Bamboo House

Treehouse Five has an exterior staircase that takes you outside the platforms and enters through the side of the treehouse. On top of the stairs is a unique balcony. It sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). And it sites 39 feet off the ground and a Diameter of 17 feet.

Treehouse 6 – Casa Alta

Treehouse Six towers over the jungle providing magnificent views of the surrounding Amazon rainforest. Sleeps up to 2 people  (two twin beds). It sites 67 feet off the ground and diameter of 15 feet.

Treehouse 7 – Solitude

Treehouse Seven stands tall and provides a beautiful, secluded home nestled amongst the trees, it’s the deepest into the jungle. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 65 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 8 – The Cradle

Treehouse Eight is uniquely positioned inside numerous branches that cradle the hut comfortably in the jungle’s embrace. It’s the most secluded one. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 60 feet off the ground and Diameter of 18 feet.

treehouse balcony

Treehouse 9 –  Serena

Treehouse Nine is one of the largest and newest treehouses. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 40 feet off the ground and diameter of 20 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 10 – Costa Bella

Treehouse Ten is right on the river bank and has the best river view and has a balcony. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). Sits 53 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 11 

Treehouse Eleven is our largest Treehouse consisting of three separate rooms. It’s made up of three smaller treehouses and sleeps up to 6 people (three queen beds). It sits 45 feet off the ground.

Treehouse 12 

Treehouse Twelve is our newest treehouse, and perfect for animal viewing. It’s the most secluded Treehouse on our property past Treehouse #7. Sleeps up to 2 people (one king bed or two twins). It sites 70 feet off the ground.

treehouse twelve

For more details about treehouses and excursions in the Peruvian Amazon visit our site.


When is the best time to visit Treehouse Lodge?

If you are planning your next vacation to Treehouse Lodge, you are probably wondering when is the best time to visit the amazon ecolodge. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter – Treehouse Lodge remains an ideal vacation retreat year-round. 

December trough May brings high-water followed by the low-water season that spans June – November. In planning your trip, you will want to take into consideration the type of Amazon experience you prefer for your treehouse vacations.

High Water vs. Low Water at Treehouse Lodge

High Water: Typically December through May

  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet higher.
  • More waterways are navigable by canoe for animal and forest viewing in lakes and streams.
  • More rain but generally not bad at all. Rain occurs frequently in low season too.
  • A few degrees cooler.
  • There tends to be a few more mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute and they can be found year around.
  • 3 of the treehouses are in the flooded area between the river and the main lodge which makes a beautiful scene. The cable bridges easily carry you above the water.
  • The amazon rainforest is usually its lushest and some would say most beautiful.
  • More pink dolphins can be found directly in the front of the treehouse hotel, but they can easily be seen year around not far from the lodge.

    eco friendly treehouse

Low Water: Typically June through November

  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet lower.
  • More jungle paths are exposed for walking excursions
  • Travel to some areas requires a little walking instead of only canoe.
  • Less rain.
  • A few degrees warmer.
  • There tends to be fewer mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute.
    best time to visit the amazon

5 Amazing Animals You’ll Find At Treehouse Lodge

amazon river excursions

As an Amazon rainforest lodge, Treehouse Lodge is the perfect place to coexist with amazing and exotic jungle animals. During your stay, you’ll have the chance to see them in their natural habitat, learn about them, and take pictures of the following species.

Here’s a list of 5 amazing animals you’ll find during your vacation at the Treehouse Lodge:

1. Sloths

Although our friendly neighbor Pablo (a domesticated sloth in the Puerto Miguel village)  is the most famous sloth in the jungle, you will be able to see many more of them hanging upside down in the trees during your jungle walk excursions. Also, you can hug Pablo and take some pictures. Fact: Sloths are among the slowest-moving animals on Earth; they can swim but are virtually unable to walk.

amazon river excursions

2. Pink Dolphins

The Amazon River is home to a variety of species, many of which you’ll experience during your time with us. One of the most impressive is the pink dolphin. This is the largest species of river dolphin, with adult males reaching 185 kilograms (408 lb) in weight and 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) in length. During your stay at our rainforest treehouse, you’ll enjoy a sunrise or a sunset with the dolphins and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can jump in and swim with them in the Amazon river.

eco friendly treehouse

3. Monkeys

5 species of monkeys are often seen and heard right at our Amazon lodge in Iquitos. You’ll never forget the experience of 50 – 100 Squirrel Monkeys passing through the trees outside your treehouse or viewed from one of our canopy bridges. Many mornings you will be awakened by the eerie and notoriously frightening sound of Howler Monkeys. You can also choose to visit Monkey Island, which is one of our amazon river excursions and is home to multiple species of monkeys in the wild. On this excursion, you could see a variety of animal species, such as Wooly Monkeys and also Coati.

treehouse lodge peru

4. Piranhas

Piranhas are a fascinating, integral part of ecosystems all around the Amazon River. In your trip to Treehouse Lodge you’ll have the chance, not only to see them in their natural habitat, but to learn to fish them in the style of the natives of the Amazon: armed with a wooden pole, string, hook, and meat that you will lower as bait, into the water. 

jungle tree house

5. Leafcutter ants

When you arrive at Treehouse Lodge you will be surprised by the variety of insects but one of the most striking are the leaf cutter ants. According to their size, ants fulfill specific roles such as defenders of the colony, caretakers of the young, gardeners, foragers and leafcutter and they also practice advanced methods of sustainable agriculture.

tree house resort

As an eco-friendly hotel, Treehouse Lodge is dedicated to protecting the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon. We’ve eliminated single-use plastics and we are using solar energy to power our retreat!


Top 7 Excursions At Treehouse Lodge

amazon rainforest

Did you know that when you stay at Treehouse Lodge you can choose between 19 different excursions? And all of them are included in the price!

Here is a list of the top 7 excursions to choose from:


treehouse lodge peru

1. Swim In The Amazon River

You’ve traveled across the planet to see the world’s greatest river: the mighty Amazon. This is your opportunity to knock out a bucket list item by going for a swim. You’ll travel down the tributaries to the main Amazon river with your private guide. If you’re lucky a dolphin or two might say hello. 


jungle tree house

2. Fish for Piranhas

One of our most popular excursions in the treehouse hotel. Travel by boat to one of the many great piranha fishing spots. Armed with a wooden pole, string, hook, and meat, you will lower the bait into the water. When the piranhas strike (and they will!), simply lift up the pole. Once you’re done you can choose to catch-and-release, or, if you prefer, the chefs will prepare the piranha as a side dish to your nightly meal.


rainforest treehouse

3. Jungle Walk: The Giant Water Lilies of Oxbow Lagoon 

The Oxbow Lagoon hosts many species of aquatic plants such as the Giant Water Lilies that can grow to 6 ft. in diameter with flowers the size of cabbage. You’ll also observe the strangely interesting hoatzin, a bird feeds exclusively on poisonous plants that it can keep in its crop for several hours. Also, you will be able to spot the wattled jacana, nick-named Jesus Christ because it can walk on water. 


eco lodge iquitos peru

4. Visit an Amazon Community

If you’re looking for a way to truly connect with the Peruvian natives, this is it. Interact with the river people who still preserve their traditions, ancient knowledge, and even language. We’ll get to explore their homes made out of wood and palm trees to see how they live. You’ll find it fascinating to see how they have adapted to coexist with their environment, sharing their space with countless insects, dangerous animals and poisonous plants. You’ll have the chance to purchase their beautifully hand-crafted items made using materials found in the Amazon jungle.


jungle tree house

5. Sunset on the Amazon with the Dolphins

A guest favorite. We will often recommend that you enjoy this excursion on the day of your arrival at the amazon lodge. Just before dusk you will boat along the Yarapa and Ucayali rivers until you reach the Amazon proper. The world famous Pink and Gray river dolphins will start to appear near your boat while the sunset gives the perfect backdrop. 


6. Jungle Walk: Night Monkeys, Sloths, Hoatzins, and More

Join this jungle walk to witness the only nocturnal monkey that can be spotted during the daytime. They make their homes in tree holes and, once located, can be seen sticking their heads out to take a peek. You’ll walk along a trail that runs close to an old tree where these night monkeys can be seen. On this walk there is also a chance that you can spot any of the following species: owl monkey, pygmy marmoset, monk saki, squirrel, red howler, duski titi, wooly monkey, and tamarins.


treehouse hotel

7. Treehouse Canopy Walk

Featured by National Geographic as one of the Top 10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World, Treehouse offers the incomparable experience of observing the Amazon rainforest from the treetop canopies. You’ll explore all of the canopy walkways and viewing platforms that dot the are of the Lodge. Learn about the history and architecture of the lodge while you observe wildlife from 30 – 70 feet above the jungle floor!


Visit our webpage to see more excursions.

7 Reasons To Stay At Treehouse Lodge Peru

treehouse lodge

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a Treehouse?

At the Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos, Peru you can make that dream come true and have a once in a lifetime experience in the middle of the Amazon. In addition to watching unforgettable sunrises from your room high in the jungle canopy, you will experience true serenity in these treehouse vacations, disconnected from everything in the hectic screen world. Here are some more reasons to include this trip on your travel bucket list.

treehouse resort

1. Have your own Treehouse

Treehouse Lodge features 12 different treehouses to choose from and all at the same price per person. Whether you are planning a family trip or a romantic getaway you can find your ideal treehouse.

2. Experience Living in the Jungle

Just imagine how incredible it is to wake up surrounded by the sounds of the Amazon which is known as the lungs of the planet. In Iquitos Peru, you will visit the actual Amazon River, as opposed to a tributary, as found in other areas such as Puerto Maldonado. Our location is known as one of the most biologically diverse sections of the world, brimming with wildlife. Also, from our treehouse resort, you can enjoy experiences such as visiting a local Amazonian village and caiman spotting.

3.  Discover Incredible Wildlife

You will see the world famous pink river dolphins, but that’s just one of many species that you will spot. You can visit Monkey Island where you can see Wooly Monkeys, Coatis and more. The suspension bridges not only provide a pathway throughout the resort, they also provide a close look at all of the flora and fauna in the area. You’ll see many species of birds such as toucans, parrots, antbirds, and much more.

4. Private Guides and Tours

One of the greatest benefits of our treehouse resort is the fact that we offer  private excursions. Unlike other amazon lodges, each group in this rainforest treehouse has a dedicated guide for each group and the possibility to choose between 19 different excursion such as Piranha fishing, Breakfast with the Dolphins, Yoga retreats, Nighttime Jungle Cruises and more.

5. Disconnect

Once you arrive at the Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos get a connection with the jungle while you disconnect from your devices and forget about everything else. Take all the photos you want but do not get distracted from the wonderful moments that you’ll live in the middle of the rainforest.

6. All-Inclusive

Another benefit of this treehouse hotel is that it’s all-inclusive. A booking with us includes all of your meals, unlimited water/juice, private guide, all ground/water transportation, and all of our excursions.

7. Peruvian Food

You’ve probably heard about Peruvian dishes. Take advantage of this trip to enjoy some of the local, typical dishes of the Peruvian jungle, as well as the country at large. You will even have the option to eat some of the piranhas that you caught yourself!