Restaurant Recommendation: Pardo’s Chicken

Peru has over 400 original recipes to it’s name. The most popular of these recipes is Peruvian ceviche, which is incredible, but only available for lunch. You see, in Peru, they’re very specific about which foods should be eaten during which times.

Pardos’s Chicken Restaurant

Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken) is right behind ceviche in popularity and is served for both lunch and dinner. For your best possible experience with Pollo a la Brasa, you should make sure you end up at Pardo’s Chicken.

pardos chicken

My favorite location is in the Larcomar Mall, which rests on top of a cliff hundreds of feet above the Pacific beaches of Miraflores. The view from the restaurant looks out over the ocean and is the perfect setting to relax and recount the day’s adventures.

I recommend ordering 1/4 to 1/2 of a chicken for each guest, depending on how hungry you are. Make sure to order the Ensalada Cocida on the side. Don’t be afraid to mention to the waiter that you’ve traveled a long way to try this chicken so you want it hot, right out of the oven.

pardos chicken
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Two more suggestions to make this the perfect meal.

1) Order yourself a pitcher of the in-house specialty drink: Chicha Morada. This local favorite is made from purple corn, lime juice, and other wonderful ingredients.

2) Make sure to get a little container of “aji” (pronounced: ahh – hee) for each person to use as dip for their chicken and french fries.

It’s tough to convey how juicy, tender, and flavorful the Pollo a la Brasa can be, mostly because it is a rare occurrence to have such wonderful chicken here at home. This will be one of the food highlights of your trip, I promise.

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