CoVID-19 Protocols for Treehouse Lodge

The Treehouse Lodge team has been working on guidelines to prevent Covid-19 and maintain all safety precautions, both for guests and their workers, to be able to adapt to the new normal, receive guests again at the lodge, and offer you an unforgettable and safe experience in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. 

How are we preventing COVID-19? 

1. At the Treehouse Lodge

We’ve been cleaning and disinfecting work centers.  A deep cleaning was carried out, followed by disinfection guided by the official Peruvian health department recommendations to prevent Covid-19. 

The following areas of the hotel are subjected to routine cleaning and disinfection, at least twice a day: 

  • Office, 
  • Kitchen, 
  • Dining room, 
  • Gazebo, 
  • Access, 
  • Bridges, 
  • Walkways, 
  • Transport units, 
  • Community toilets, 
  • Rooms (Rooms will also be thoroughly cleaned after each reservation).

capacity of all common areas– The capacity of all common areas has also been defined, in the dining room the respective social distancing is maintained (minimum 2 meters) and all previously established shifts are respected.

– We’ve also maintained adequate ventilation of rooms and a cyclical renewal of air volume. Physical barriers are implemented in shared modules. 


Mandatory hand washing and disinfection– Mandatory hand washing and disinfection

– We have set up hand washing and disinfection points in different areas to comply with recommended prevention measures. 

– The following spots are conditioned with liquid soap, hand sanitizer with 70 to 95% alcohol, paper towels, and toilet paper: 

  • Office, 
  • Entrance to the lodge, 
  • Kitchen, 
  • Dining room, 
  • Gazebo, 
  • Transport units, 
  • Community toilets, 
  • Rooms. 

2. Training and Preparing our Staff

Occupational Health Service

– We have staff in charge of the Occupational Health Service who will manage all the processes of reincorporation of workers and the constant processes such as taking the temperature of guests before entering the hotel.

– Each Treehouse Lodge worker has received training regarding prevention and protection from CoVID-19. Likewise, hand washing reminders will be posted and the use of masks will be mandatory.

– Also, posters will be placed at each hand washing and disinfection point on the correct way to wash hands.

– We have requested and enforced social distancing (minimum of 1.5 m), always using a mask. When registering guests, we will try to avoid contact or exchanging materials

– The transport used for transfers from the airport will be conditioned to isolate the driver

– Both the driver and passengers will be provided with: 

  • Liquid soap or disinfectant, 
  • Alcohol gel or 70% alcohol, 
  • Masks and face shield, 
  • Cleaning cloths, 
  • Safe and effective surface disinfectants.

– For personal protection measures, respirators and /or masks (Epp) must be worn at all times at Treehouse Lodge.

We’ll keep surveillance of our workers’ health in the context of COVID-19.




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