How to Protect Yourself Against Bugs in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle

One of the main concerns for visitors to the Peruvian Amazon jungle is the prevalence of mosquitos and other bugs. Bug bites can be annoying, especially if you’re not used to it, and places like the Amazon rainforest are some of the most diverse and prevalent with insect life. 

People have lived in the jungle for hundreds of years regardless, and such an experience provides more than a few knowledgeable ways to keep mosquitos at bay. That and a more modern way to avoid bug bites in the Peruvian Amazon jungle can put your mind at ease when you’re on a trip, and we’re here to help with a few simple ways to protect yourself against bugs.

Good Clothing Cover-Up

The first step is the most obvious: You need to cover up to avoid mosquitos in the jungle. This means not only yourself, but also your spaces. There’s plenty of fresh clothes that will cover up and keep bugs at bay without accumulating heat, try choosing a good wardrobe while keeping in mind that those arms and legs might look attractive for a hungry mosquito. Pro tip: don’t choose cotton or other fabrics that hold water.

And for places you’ll be sleeping and living, you might want to have an insect screening that keeps bugs from entering while still allowing light and air to pass through. Luckily, our treehouses in the Amazon all have screenings that keep bugs away and the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon jungle inside. We have professional-grade netting around each treehouse and then again around each bed.

Avoiding Attracting Bugs and Use Natural Remedies

medicine at the amazon rainforest peru

Now, using covering clothes is not always the best solution. And there’s some things to be done about that, if you’re smart and resourceful. 

First of all, before trying to repel insects, make sure you’re NOT attracting them inadvertently. Always remember that bugs are attracted to strong scents, so don’t use perfume or cologne, and don’t use darker-colored clothing, since bugs are attracted to dark colors.

Second, you can try a couple of natural substances that can act as natural repellants, such as vinegar, citronella oil, and even some vitamin B can help keep mosquitoes away without harming you.

Plenty of Good Quality Insect Repellant

And since you want to keep bugs away, the most obvious choice is of course using some insect repellants. However, having made the trip all the way to the Peruvian Amazon jungle means you should at least be aware not every type of repellent is good for the environment, and you should be mindful of what you use and what you bring with you.

Be mindful of the quality of the bug repellant you bring, as well as applying it at times where bugs are more abundant. Bring it with you when you can, use it regularly, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Hopefully, with these simple measures your fears about mosquitos in the Peruvian Amazon jungle can be put at rest, and you’ll be excited to visit our Amazon Jungle resort at the Treehouse Lodge. Be sure to check our availability and start planning your life-changing trip to the rainforest!


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