Machu Picchu Restaurant Recommendation: Indio Feliz

Nestled in a small alley of Aguas Calientes, 1,000 feet below the Machu Picchu ruins, lies Indio Feliz, one of the peruvian culinary treasures of the Cusco area. We highly recommend a visit to this quirky restaurant to try any of these peruvian dishes you’ll find in this restaurant.

peruvian dishes

The restaurant features a pirate theme; upon entering, you will want to take a moment to explore the different rooms. Entirely painted by hand, you will find many unique portraits, paintings, and designs that cover every possible inch of space on the walls and ceiling. The rooms are comfortable, some even feature a fireplace for those chilly Machu Picchu evenings. Once you’ve picked your desired table, you can turn your focus to food, which is where the real magic happens.

A French-Peruvian fusion, Indio Feliz serves a variety of creative peruvian dishes. We recommend that you order their s./55 “menu,” which includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. It will be hard to find something that you don’t enjoy, but if you’re stuck between options, we recommend that you try the french onion soup (comes with a bowl of Andean cheese on the side), the beef brochettes (which are tender and flavorful), and the orange pie for dessert (which is really the only way to end the meal).

peruvian dishes

If we’ve convinced you to give any of these peruvian dishes a try, please use the following information to get to Indio Feliz:
Phone: 51-84 211090
Address: Calle Lloque Yupanqui #103 (first left on Pachacutec Avenue)
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