How to Get to the Peruvian Amazon

Most bucket lists contain a handful of travel destinations. If you’re like me, your list will include the Amazon. It is mysterious and exciting and seems to be a place where adventure is always waiting. But what’s getting to Iquitos like?

Getting to Iquitos Peru Amazon

Having visited the Amazon firsthand (a couple of times!), I have good news: it is everything you hoped for and more. Which is why I suggest starting with Peru; there’s never a better time than the present to start planning your trip to the “birthplace” of the Amazon. Allow me to walk you through the logistics of actually getting there.

How Does Getting to Iquitos and the Treehouse Lodge Work?


Book your flights

Pull out your maps and find Iquitos, Peru: your Amazon adventure starts in the largest city on earth that is still inaccessible by automobile. Book a flight to Iquitos (airport code: IQT) and be aware that your flight will most likely include a stop through Peru’s capital city of Lima (LIM). For your domestic flights, you will need to book flights with either LAN, Peruvian Airlines, or Star Peru.

2. Find your Moto-Taxi

Now that you’ve landed in Iquitos and walked the tarmac to the baggage claim, you need to snag a taxi from the airport to your hotel or to the main plaza of Iquitos. Iquitos is a city of mototaxis, and unless you’ve arranged for a shuttle pickup, this is your only option for traveling by land in and around the city. Choose your driver wisely and enjoy this oversized tricycle ride through the humid streets of Iquitos. Talk about an experience! If you’re looking for a good hotel, we recommend the Samiria Jungle Hotel

Mototaxis in Iquitos, Peru

3. Boats are the Norm

So you’ve checked-in, eaten some tacacho, and practiced your Spanish – now, how do you visit the floating market or travel to your specialty lodge for a jungle adventure? The answer is by boat. If you’ve booked a specialty lodge this is typically already arranged. If you are going to visit the floating markets of Belen or want to take a day cruise on your own, then you need chat with a travel agent or head towards the docks to arrange your excursion.


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