Past Guests Reviews

Past Guests
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    Andrew and Jacqui

    From the beginning it felt that everything was well organized.

    Andrea and Pak

    We love the music at night too! Excellent touch.

    Alice and Jill

    We had an experience of a lifetime which we will never forget.

    Amy and Leanne

    Treehouse is spectacular. Don’t change it!

    Amy and Jess

    Loved being able to pick and choose what to do each day.

    Adehleid and Ferdinand

    We thank everybody for making our stay so beautiful.

    Scot, Tammy, Mike, and Staci

    They went above and beyond in every way.

    Jen and Dave

    We enjoyed the excursions… especially the piranha fishing!

    Mariajose and Ross

    Everything was excellent, including the food.

    Arthur and Amanda

    We’ve never experienced something like this before.

    Amanda and Stephanie

    Overall, this was the experience of a lifetime.

    Lee Family

    The treehouse was a delightful experience.

    Marcus Family

    We recommend treehouse to all of our friends and family.

    Rose and Mike

    Each trip left us with fond memories we’ll cherish forever.

    Arizpe Grupo

    Experiencia unica! Excelente servicio y recepcion.

    Nick and Kimberly

    Very peaceful treehouses make you feel at one with the wild.

    El-Shahaway Family

    This has been a fantastic experience for our entire family.

    Daver Family

    A once in a lifetime adventure.

    William and Susan

    We appreciated the welcome and the hospitality.

    Mike and Michelle

    The treehouse we stayed in was very cool, above expectations.

    Zikyo and Emily

    Overall a truly exceptional experience in the Amazon River.

    Joana and Bradford

    We were lucky to have been able to visit.

    Rankin and Adams Group

    It truly was the trip of a lifetime!

    Laura and Brittany

    This stay exceeded our expectations.

    Spencer Group

    Dramatically exceeded expectations.

    Morris Group

    Got to see some amazing wildlife.

    Ratcliff Family

    Incredible staff, accommodations, food, and facilities.

    Alvarez Group

    El lugar es extraordinario y el servicio es estupendo.

    Rose and Ari

    The excursions were customized for us (we love kayaking).


    This is such a beautiful spot!

    Familia Porras

    Una excelente experiencia dentro de la Amazona.

    Menard Family

    Everyone made us feel at home like we were part of the family.


    A true paradise for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

    Zoe and Jenny

    I did not think it was possible to put a 5 star hotel in the jungle!

    Dan and Darrin

    Our stay at Treehouse Lodge was beyond what we expected.

    Graham and Helen

    Central dining and lounge area are spectacular.

    Jay and Nandita

    Really beautiful and awe-inspiring experience

    Bennett, Nicholson, and King

    Incredibly welcoming and made our stay incredibly personalized.

    Litz Family

    The excursions were more than we could ask for.

    Tiffany and Huzaan

    Best guide ever, very thankful to have his service.

    Daphne and Andrew

    We got to swim with the dolphins.

    Kristina and Paul

    The accommodations were amazingly comfortable.

    Deville Family

    Thank you to everybody for everything.

    Stephanie and Linda

    I can’t say enough good things.

    Joel and Nicole

    Made the trip extremely personalized to what we wanted to do.

    Kuhlken Family

    Jose was an amazing guide.

    Luke and Candi

    Alex made our trip so special.

    Anecita and Danielito

    True jungle experience—loved catching my piranha!

    Amanda and Bryan

    Treehouse is great value for…staying here.


    We loved the opportunity to say in an unspoiled forest.

    Atchinson Family

    The fact that we had a personal guide was a delightful surprise.

    Brenden and Jessica

    From the food to the excursions we were more than satisfied.

    Joven Group

    We really enjoyed our visit to the village and fishing.

    Kris and Murphy

    I’ve never seen the moon the way I saw it here.

    Allana and Jessie

    The ambience was amazing and we are so sad to go.


    The privately guided experience was wonderful.

    Linda and Judy

    I will never forget the amazing time.

    Thor and Barb

    Appreciate the environmental consciousness of the lodge.

    Tim and Kate

    The service was nothing short of phenomenal.


    I had the best time! Lovely people!

    Jones Family

    Service was warm, welcoming, and quite accommodating.

    Dixita and Payal

    Our guide, Willy, made sure we saw everything.

    Nick and Michelle

    Everything was an absolute dream.

    Becher Family

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to customize our adventures.

    Robert and Jennifer

    Our sloth experience will be one that I remember forever.

    Patty and Walter

    Treehouse Lodge is like Disneyland come to life!

    Barney Family

    An extremely unique experience and one of a kind lodge.

    Summer and Ryan

    We especially loved fishing and visiting Pablito, the sloth.

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