Vaughn and Lisa


Vaughn and Lisa

What an adventure! The first night while getting ready for bed, I could not help but marvel at the fact that I was sleeping in a magnificent treehouse (Casa Alta) 65 feet off the jungle floor in the middle of he amazon jungle. Our treehouse had all the amenities of a Marriott; western sink and flushing toilet, shower, power outlets, king size bed and white linens.

The adventure is what drew me to the Treehouse Lodge. We did many great excursions, from night jungle hikes, night caiman spotting, fishing for piranha, bird watching, pink and grey dolphin spotting, visit to monkey island. We visited local villages where we donated medical supplies and clothing, what a great experience. It was a trip of a lifetime. Absolute fantastic adventures!

The staff and guides are absolutely great! We built great relationships with them that will be remembered forever. Paul was so welcoming and has the greatest smile, guides: Orlando and Alex were so personable. Their knowledge of the jungle was astounding. I continually pelted them with questions, all of which were answered with great insights and patience.

The chef, Stirling, provided 3 excellent gourmet meals each day. Even after long excursions we were welcome to cool white towels and refreshing drinks.

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