Tony and Beryl Review of Treehouse Lodge


Tony and Beryl

Treehouse is wonderful! We loved our eerie at the top of the bean tree. The night calls lulled us to sleep and if you want to experience rain, it has to be while you are lying in a comfortable bed at the top of the forest – but staying dry. The Treehouse team are very caring and justifiably proud of their property, showing not just a high standard of hospitality, but a sincere interest in your comfort.

The food was excellent with so many taste scenarios to tantalize you into eating it all. The activities are going to be the source of many stories to our friends in Australia. We had hoped to see a whole list of animals and plants – and they were there. We just had to say to Alan – please show us a …(sloth, coral snake, howler monkey, pink dolphin etc.) and he and the wonderfully talented boat driver, Hugo, would find them for us. Thank you everyone.

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