Tiffany and Huzaan

Our Experience

Edgar is the best Peruvian Amazon guide in the world! The chef’s food was delicious. Everything was tasty. Edgar, our guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our travel needs. He helped us plan our daily excursions, give us ideas, and recommendations. He explained and showed us various wildlife, helped us take pictures, brought wildlife on our boat. Best guide ever, very thankful to have his services! Would recommend him to everyone!

Roger, our boat man, was also very accommodating and took us around early and late nights. He was able to navigate really well and show us around the jungle.

Edwin, the hotel manager, was extremely welcoming, helpful, and supporting to everything. He helped us deal with our specific needs and always asked us about our well-being.

Our waiter was also very helpful and accommodating with our food needs and always served us with a welcoming demeanor. Overall the food, the staff, and the service was an excellent experience. Thank you, gracias!

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