The Masseys


The Masseys

Wow!!! What an incredible experience we had at The Tree House Lodge! Words cannot describe our experience we had! It was one of the greatest adventures of my whole life and I have been all over the world and it was by far one of my favorite places I have ever been to and the Treehouse Lodge is by far the most exotic, homey, and thrilling experiences. The lodge was the icing on the cake for the jungle experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband and I absolutely loved every moment there! We stayed there in July for 3 nights and 4 days! We were really glad we stayed the 4 days, originally we had planned to stay 3 days. However, we felt like staying 3 days wasn’t enough time to do all the excursions! We highly recommend staying at least 4 days or longer! There is so much to do and you definitely want to make sure you have enough time to do all the excursions! You cannot miss out on a single one.

We had a phenomenal tour guide, Edgar! We were able to develop a relationship with him right off the bat! He speaks english very well! One thing I did not know, is that we had our own personal tour guide and HE made the adventures so much fun! I thought since there was only 2 of us, that we would be combined with other travelers, but we weren’t! Everyone at the Tree House Lodge had their own tour guide. I loved it, because all the excursions were very personal and Edgar was able to cater to our needs and desires of what we wanted to do and see!

We were able to do and see so much! We were constantly busy seeing the beautiful amazon! We had 2-3 excursions a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Some of our highlights were: seeing pink dolphins, caiman catching in the night time, spear fishing and piranha fishing, bird watching, boat rides on the amazon river, visiting monkey island and feeding the money’s bananas, seeing an ocelot, and all sorts of wildlife. We even swam in the Amazon River. Edgar was gave his whole heart to us for our stay at the jungle. When we went caiman hunting he let my husband hold the caiman and taught him how to catch caiman! Edgar is so educated on the wild life in the jungle. We were speaking with Simon, the general manager. He told us that when Edgar isn’t out on excursions, he is studying and learning as much as he can about the jungle and the wild life. He really loves doing tour guides. The Tree House Lodge really understands how important it is to have educated, loving and fun tour guides! Honestly, compared to all the other tree houses, The Tree House Lodge was by far the best! The staff was always there to greet us after our excursions with fresh water, juice or soda! They made us feel at home! They went beyond and above to serve us!

We stayed in tree house #7. Its a bit further away from the main lodge, where we ate at. We absolutely loved it! We had to walk across 2 swinging bridges! We were more secluded from the other tree houses! The tree house was 65 feet off the ground. We loved tree house #7. There are many amenities in the tree house lodge. Fresh running water, flushable toilets, shower, sink and an electric ceiling fan. When I describe our tree house to friends and family, I tell them it’s like a 5 star hotel, but jungle style.

The food was to die for! Now I am a picky eater, I don’t like fish. The Chef, Stirling was able to cater to my needs. Stirling provided 3 gourmet meals a day! We were never hungry at the lodge.

There is not a single complaint we had about the entire experience. We really got to see the culture of the jungle and even had the opportunity to hold sloths and visit villages. If you want an adventure this will give you the best adventure of your life! You do not want to miss an opportunity like this! It is honestly a once in a life time opportunity! My husband and I toured all of Peru for 1 month! The Tree House Lodge was the highlight of our trip! We are constantly talking about our adventure and are so glad we decided to go to the jungle! You honestly will not regret a once in a life time opportunity like this!!!

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