Mark and Mary


Mark and Mary

This was truly a jungle experience, one we would not comprehend until experiencing it! The sights and sounds provided exactly the perfect atmosphere for the back drop of the lodge.

The lodge and service was excellent! The attention to detail – from turning the fan on when coming into the dining room, to bringing extra place ware every time I dropped one (which was every meal), to responding quickly to every request. You are 9 out of 10!

The excursions with our guide Marden, and our captain, Jose, were superb and educational! The trip to the village was amazing and humbling to us! Rugged soccer to volleyball to the little ones playing marbles brought back memories of an old time in the U.S.

Marden’s expertise and knowledge of the area allowed us to experience everything we had hoped to! Marden, you are the best and thank you amigo!

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