Kevin and Vicky


Kevin and Vicky

The Treehouse Lodge is an absolutely magical place! There’s no where else in the world to duplicate this experience. I’ll always remember our first night in the Amazon rainforest. As darkness set in, the jungle came to life! I remember laying in our netted bed, just listening to all the sounds. It was very peaceful and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. One night I recorded the ‘jungle music’ on my phone. Now at home, I can still enjoy the sounds and memories from the jungle.

Each excursion we took was incredible! We loved the night jungle walk, fishing for piranha, spotting caiman at night, and visiting the local villages. My favorite was canoeing down the river and spotting birds, pink dolphins, and monkeys. One of the highlights was having a wild monkey come down out of the trees, climb in our canoe, and sit on my lap. Where else in the world could I ever hold a wild monkey?!! It was the best!!!

The staff members are very friendly and accommodating! They became more like family and friends than Treehouse personnel. We knew they genuinely cared about us and wanted to make your stay unforgettable. The food exceeded all expectations. We were fed three gourmet meals a day. Our bungalow was well cared for, and our guide entertained us one evening with his guitar music!

Treehouse Lodge is a once in a life time experience! We highly encourage anyone interested to go and see for yourself. Thank you, Treehouse, for this most memorable vacation! We would love to come back again!

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