Jen & Adam


Jen and Adam

Absolutely loved the lodge. The setting and the buildings are superb. We loved waking up with an amazing view of the amazon at dawn. To have our room up in a tree was priceless. We were lucky enough to see squirrel monkeys on two mornings swing by our treehouse.

Alex and Charles were great hosts and even better at spotting sloths and monkeys from far away in the trees.

Piranha fishing was one of the top highlights along with holding a sloth, stroking a wooly monkey. Trip to the piranha lake was a little long in the heat. If we had seen more animals to break up the journey it would have been good but can’t be helped!

Staff not always around to get a drink but all in all very welcoming, friendly and attentive. Elwin made us feel right at home and well looked after. This is probably our fault for not saying, but, think maybe we were on a boat a bit too long, and there could have been more treks inside different bits of jungle. Also we didn’t do a night walk, and we would have liked to. So perhaps, arranging the guests itinerary at the start, asking what they would like to do would be a good idea. What would be amazing as well, is if you had a big structure of walkways in the canopy as part of the excursions- as we found a lot of wildlife up there.

Overall though, excellent, thank you so much. Alex and Charles were great, as was the evening entrainment band!

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