Hunter Family Treehouse Lodge Review


The Hunter Family

We have had an amazing 2 weeks in Peru- 1st with Machu Picchu, Cusco, another lodge in another part of the Amazon, and finally here! We purposely saved Treehouse Lodge for last, and it was absolutely incredible! Thank you to Marden, our guide and Frank, our boat driver for amazing adventures: Cayman hunting, bird & monkey watching, seeing the dolphins, river otter, tree boa, tamandua, toucans, macaws (ok the list is endless!), spear fishing (all 4 of us speared fish successfully!), monkey island (and our beloved black capuchin money we named Carmen), Pablito the the sloth, and sunsets along with pink dolphins!

Thank you Ronnie & kitchen staff for amazing service, food and for excellent care by Edwin. We will be back!”

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