Helge M.


Helge M.

It was a pleasure to meet you as well and have lunch. We had a fun and memorable experience at Treehouse Lodge and it was exciting to be the first guests. The excursions were run well and unlike anything else we’ve done in the past (and we’ve been on an African Safari). Robinson managed the daily events and staff well, with energy, and modifying as needed. Meeting with the local community was also very educational. Maybe upon return to the lodge from an excursion, a cold towel would be good to have waiting for guests. The food tasted wonderful and was presented flawlessly. I would have gone a little lighter on the desserts (not much of a sugar person) but that’s a personal taste. There was a light and fluffy chocolate cake which I liked.

For me, any issues are mostly related to the lodge not being officially open yet, so I’m sure they will be resolved. The solar panels will be great when they are installed as it will be a quiet and environmentally friendly way to power the lodge. The missing net at the lounge meant we had dinner in the treehouse. One thing that might be good for the future is a container/basket for used dishes on the first floor of each room, so that guests can just put them there for pickup (we had dishes left in our room which made us nervous with the insects). Also, for dining at the lounge, some covers over the glassware would be great (they had local covers with beads on the sides to weigh down the cloth cover in Africa). The bar is a great idea, but as I wanted to cross to the treehouse sober, I didn’t partake. It would be cool to have a introductory tour of the premises and a how-to of the ins and out of the treehouse (closing the door, how to keep insects out, etc.) I was telling Rita that adding a female on staff might provide some new perspective as well. Thanks again for allowing us into your lodge as the first guests. I’m attaching a few photos, including the caiman that we ran into on the way back from a dolphin swim.

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