Debbie Chris Debrah Wilson


Debbie, Chris, Debrah, and Wilson

Wow! What a brilliant concept, Vance! It was an honour to meet the mastermind behind the Treehouse Lodge. Keep the brilliant ideas coming!

Thank you all (team) for putting it all together. Your friendliness and willingness to please…The piranha with chili; which Alex conveniently informed the chef about.

Alex, your helpfulness and knowledge has been unparalleled. Manuel, thank you for your boating experience. It got us out of a few sticky situations, and you wet on one occasion, but you had obviously done it before and we did not feel anxious at any time.

Edwin, thank you for letting us change treehouses. We enjoyed the experience of both (treehouse 7 and 2).

In all, it was a great experience. The Amazon rocks!
-Debbie and Chris

Our sincere thanks to all the staff at the lodge who have made our stay so very special.

We have loved the outings – seeing so much animal and bird life – truly a wonderful part of the world. I hope that this area can be preserved for future generations to see. I have long wanted to cuddle a sloth – and so a big “bucket list” tick!

As for the weather, you organized that too. Nice and cool…

Thanks again and best wishes for your future venture.
-Debrah and Wilson

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