Dan and Darrin

Our Experience

Treehouse Lodge Guest
Our stay at Treehouse Lodge was beyond what we expected. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with great, friendly service. Our actual treehouse was amazing and perfectly situated with a great view of the Yarapa River (we even saw some pink dolphins from our room and a few tarantulas)! The food was excellent!

Each meal was better than the next. Our highest compliments to the chefs. All the staff was super friendly and never hesitated when we had a request. Our tour experiences were one-of-a-kind, getting to see pink dolphins in the Amazon, multiple different kinds of monkeys, a sloth in the wild, and even a flock of macaws. The only problem with our trip here is that we don’t get to stay longer. Thank you, Treehouse Lodge staff for the great experience!

Our Treehouse

Treehouse Lodge
Treehouse 3

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