Brian and Daisy

Our Experience

Treehouse Guest
We arrived on our first day and were amazed by the beautiful surroundings of the Amazon. Our bungalow had a great view of the jungle. We were able to visit the nearby village of Puerto Miguel as one of our beginning excursions.

Willy did a fantastic job explaining how the village worked and answered any of our questions. He was polite and had a great sense of humor. We can tell he loves his job. We were also impressed by his language skills as sometimes it was easier for us to speak in English.

We were able to go for a night walk in the jungle and he had so much knowledge on many of the jungle animals. The food was great! One of the only suggestions we have is perhaps having backup flashlights for the guests. We forgot ours and it made things a little difficult at night. Other than that, we were really impressed with our stay.

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