Bhavin and Nitika


Bhavin and Nitika

The experiences at Treehouse were amazing. The entire complex is an architectural masterpiece. It provides a true Amazon experience from the comfort of the Treehouse. The staff are absolutely amazing. They are attentive, available, courteous, and nothing seems hard for them. Our guide, Pepe, was really good. He had a way to spot wildlife that we didn’t even see. Joel, our captain and navigator, had so much knowledge and gave us comfort in our expeditions. The kitchen staff – wow! The food has been the best we have had in a long time. Compliments to Sterling over and over for each meal. Laimer (waiter) was responsive, warm, and very attentive. The music groups was icing on the cake! Mario is a brilliant musician. The entire housekeeping staff, Abel, and the entire crew here at Treehouse Lodge made our honeymoon stay a memorable experience. Edwin (manager) was always willing to help and fixed our treehouse’s outer net promptly.

We saw dolphins playing and jumping, sloths, many monkeys (one jumped into the river and came into our boat, then wouldn’t leave), lots of birds, a snake, a caiman, giant lily pads, medicinal plants, some frogs, lots of leaf-carrying ants, etc., etc. Overall, the whole experience was AMAZE-ON!!!

P.S. They surprised us with a cake on our last evening as a honeymoon surprise.

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