Our Experience

I usually don’t like to have expectations when I come in to a place like this because in my experience you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I must admit though, I was rather excited for this experience and there was absolutely no disappointment.

The staff treated me like royalty and I felt spoiled all week long. My bed was so comfortable I slept all night long, and if it wasn’t for knowing the things I would get to do that day I wouldn’t have wanted to get up. Johny was in an incredible guide. Between him and Roger I saw things that I never would have seen in one million years. Their eyesight is beyond amazing. Roger was also a wonderful navigator, getting us through things I didn’t know were possible to go through.

Overall I have such a perfect experience, if given the opportunity I would come back in a heartbeat. You guys have a wonderful little piece of paradise out here.

My Treehouse

Treehouse 5

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