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Treehouse is great value for everything that is inclusive of staying here. The staff is excellent and the excursions were incredible. We rated 3 for the food specifically. Some of the dishes were lovely like the heart of palm salad and the lamb but others were lacking (i.e.- noddles with white sauce and the wonton/chicken/ketchup item). Juices, teas, coffee, and other beverages were delicious.

Our team of Orlando and Dennis were incredible. Orlando’s knowledge of the rivers and specimen was phenomenal. Their ability to see and locate animals was nothing short of omniscient. They once spotted a mother pygmy marmoset on a tree 5m into the jungle while we were at full speed up river. We saw all 12 types of monkeys, a few caiman lizards, iguanas, red palm snakes, macaws, dolphins, sloth, parakeets, parrots and many many birds and even created a new ‘Road’ in the flooded forrest! (Ask Orlando about my dislike of spiders)

Thank you to the entire Treehouse team! (Five stars!)


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