7 Facts That Make Treehouse an Eco-Friendly Lodge

We’re proud to be an almost 100%+ energy self-sufficient Amazon Lodge. Our mission is to provide a Once-In-A-Lifetime experience for each guest that stays at Treehouse. We want to ensure that you’re able to live among the Amazon animals and witness the rainforest, without adding any contamination. 

Always aware of the environmental situation—including the last fire in the Brazilian Amazon—each aspect of the Treehouse resort in Iquitos has been designed to significantly reduce environmental impact and to be considered an Eco-Friendly Lodge that you’ll love to visit.


A Self-Sustaining Amazon Eco-Friendly Lodge

1. Electricity.

All electricity used at the jungle lodge comes from the sun. The solar power system operates all of the electrical needs of the amazon lodge including lights, fans, kitchen, refrigeration, and communication. These solar panels collect energy throughout the day that is stored in batteries and then used in the evening.

2. Water.

The water that you will drink is from an intricate rain catchment system that captures the fresh rainfall from off the top of the treehouses and then goes through a 4-step purification process. We’ve eliminated single-use plastic from the Lodge and provide each guest with a stainless steel water bottle for the duration of their stay. The water that is used for showers, toilets, sinks and cleaning is all pulled directly from the river and put through a separate 4-step purification process.

eco friendly hotel peru
Treehouse Lodge Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly hotel peru
tree house in peru

Our hope is that every guest will return home with an increased appreciation for and commitment to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and we hope you’ll help us in our efforts to productively enjoy the beautiful rainforest habitat.

It’s very important for us to keep our commitment with our planet, which is why we are very proud to call ourselves an eco-friendly hotel, especially because we are located in a place of such importance for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. We love calling ourselves a “green travel option” in South America. an we’ll continue working on maintaining this status on the lodge and promoting environmental care with all of our guest from all over the world.

Contact us for more information about green traveling while helping to reduce the environmental impact.
eco friendly treehouse


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