7 Guidelines to Prevent COVID-19 at Treehouse Lodge

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The Treehouse Lodge team has been working on guidelines to prevent Covid-19 and maintain all safety precautions, both for guests and their workers, to be able to adapt to the new normal, receive guests again at the lodge and offer you an unforgettable and safe experience in the middle of the Peruvian jungle.

Below we detail the 7 proposed guidelines to face the global Covid-19 pandemic at Treehouse Lodge.

1. Cleaning and disinfection of work centers

During the months that we did not receive guests, the lodge’s areas were kept clean. But, before operating again in August, a deep cleaning was also carried out, followed by disinfection guided by the official MINSA recommendations to prevent Covid-19.

These are the areas of the hotel that will be subjected to constant cleaning and disinfection, at least twice a day:

  • Office, kitchen, dining room, gazebo, access, bridges, walkways, transport units, community toilets, and rooms (will also be cleaned after each reservation).

2. Evaluation of the health condition of workers

The health of each Treehouse Lodge worker is very important to us, that is why we have a person in charge of the Occupational Health Service who will manage all the processes of reincorporation of the workers and the constant processes such as taking the temperature before entering the hotel.

3. Mandatory hand washing and disinfection

Proper handwashing is very important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, at Treehouse Lodge we have set up hand washing and disinfection points in different areas to comply with the recommended prevention measures.

The following spots will be conditioned with liquid soap, hand sanitizer with 70 to 95% alcohol, paper towels, and toilet paper:

  • Office, entrance to the lodge, kitchen, dining room, gazebo, transport units, community toilets, and rooms.

Also, posters will be posted at each hand washing and disinfection point on the correct way to wash hands.

4. Raising awareness of the prevention of contagion

After the period of isolation, each Treehouse Lodge worker will receive training about the prevention and protection of the coronavirus. Likewise, hand washing reminders will be posted and the use of masks will be mandatory.

5. Preventive measures of collective application

Another of the preventive measures that have been taken in the lodge is the adequate ventilation of rooms, the cyclical renewal of air volume, social distancing (minimum of 1.5 m) and, always using a mask.

The capacity of all common areas has also been defined, in the dining room the respective social distancing must be maintained (minimum 2 meters) and the previously established shifts must be respected. In the case of excursions, the required distance will also be maintained. Also, physical barriers will be implemented in shared modules. When registering guests, we will try to avoid contact or exchanging materials.

The transport used for transfers from the airport will be conditioned to isolate the driver; he and the passengers will be provided with: liquid soap or disinfectant, alcohol gel or 70% alcohol, masks and face shield, cleaning cloths, as well as safe and effective surface disinfectants.

6. Personal protection measures

Respirators and /or masks (Epp) must be worn at all times at Treehouse Lodge.

7. Surveillance of worker’s health in the context of COVID-19

As a surveillance activity against Covid-19, the body temperature of all workers will be controlled at the time of entering and ending the working day.

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Contact us if you have any questions, or if you are ready to plan a visit to Treehouse Lodge.

5 Ways To “Travel” While You Are In Quarantine

travel in quarantine

If you are anything like us after day 7 of quarantine the fun has worn off and you are ready for adventure! Although you might not be able to actually go outside and fly to your favorite destinations, we have come up with 5 fun ways to “travel” from the comfort of your own home!

 5 fun ways to “travel” from the comfort of your own home

1. Live Video Feeds! 

Whether you are looking to explore the amazon rainforest in Peru, or surf the white sandy beaches of Kauai, almost any destination now provides live video feeds. Want to view current weather conditions in St. George, Utah? Itching to watch the swells of the ocean? Perhaps you are hoping to get a glimpse of a rare animal in Africa? Thanks to live video feeds you can experience real time views of many locations from the safety of your home. The constant changes of unique environments will keep you coming back to check live feeds of your favorite destinations daily!

travel to the amazon peru

2. Become A History Buff! 

One of the many benefits to traveling is learning about the history and culture of your destination. Being quarantined is the perfect time to brush up on your historical facts and learn something new about our amazing world! From the Incan’s who built Machu Picchu to the pineapple plantations on Hawaii, our world is full rich histories to be learned and remembered. Thanks to Google we can quickly search these world wonders and view pictures, personal stories and historical facts that will keep us in awe for hours!

tours to machu picchu travel 

3. Food! 

Perhaps you are a foodie and love to enjoy what the world has to offer through your taste buds! Just because you can’t leave your house doesn’t mean you can’t experience authentic foods at home! Be brave and order takeout from a local restaurant offering authentic Peruvian dishes, Indian, Thai Foods or any other world famous cuisines. If you are feeling extra adventurous find a new recipe online and try cooking on your own. As a safe bet start with something sweet, like Suspiro Limeno, a Peruvian classic.  

peruvian dishes peruvian national dish


4. Virtual Excursions! 

Are you an adventure seeker who loves to hike new trails or run along unbeaten paths? Thanks to many workout platforms, such as Icon’s iFit or Peleton bike, you can search almost any destination and exercise unique terrains from the comfort of your own home. Hiking trails along the Napali Coast, done! Walking around the Amazon Rainforest, no problem! Your virtual fieldtrip options are limitless thanks to modern technology!

5. Travel Guides and Magazines! 

Maybe technology isn’t your friend and you prefer to travel quarantine style with information and photos in your hands. The endless supply of travel guides, tour magazines and photography books are sure to appease the travel bug in all of us. If international travel isn’t your thing books and guides to all the beautiful National and State Parks can be found at almost any local gas station or supermarket store. If international travel is what you desire order your travel guide for curbside pickup and away you go!

travel after corona virus quarantine

Flight travel might be cancelled and museum’s maybe closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own adventures and experiences from home. Travel quarantine style now, so you will be ready for real life adventures soon!

So You’ve Got 10 Days In Peru… Here’s What You Should Visit

10 days peru

Itinerary For 10 Incredible Days in Peru

There are so many things to do in Peru, but if you are looking for an unforgettable experience and you just got 10 days, here’s the perfect itinerary to get to know the best that Peru has to offer.

Day 1 – Welcome to Peru

To start your adventure in Peru you’ll arrive at Lima, the capital city. If you arrive in the morning you can take time to explore the most popular neighborhoods like Miraflores or Barranco, and try peruvian food like the famous Pollo a la Brasa or Ceviche. 

things to do in lima peru

Day 2 – Travel to Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos

This morning you should take a flight to Iquitos, the biggest city in the Peruvian Amazon. If you’ve already made your reservation, upon arrival you will be picked up by your guide who will accompany you on a 1.5 hour transfer to Nauta Port for your boat transfer on the Amazon River to Treehouse Lodge. Once there you’ll receive your first meal included in the Treehouse experience, then we recommend you to start with this excursion: “Sunset on the Amazon with the Dolphins”.

Day 3 – Treehouse Lodge Activities

At the treehouse resort we offer more than 19 excursions and tours included in your stay. The second day you must be able to enjoy between 3 and 5 excursions. You can start your day with an early morning bird watching, and then go piranha fishing or swimming in the Amazon River, and finally enjoy one of the night time excursions like caiman spotting.

treehouse hotel peru

Day 4 – Treehouse Lodge Activities

This will be your last night at Treehouse Lodge, so you can choose between spending the day resting in your treehouse or ask for other great excursions. 

Day 5 – Fly To Cusco and meet the Sacred Valley 

This morning, after breakfast, you will be transported back to the Iquitos Airport for your flight to Lima. Then you must take a flight to Cusco, once there you should rest for a while to avoid altitude sickness. Then you’ll be ready to start exploring the ancient capital of the Incas. We offer you the option to stay at Hacienda Urubamba, one of the most incredible hotels in the whole country located in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

Day 6 – The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is often a favorite experience on a trip to Peru. You will be able to observe llamas and alpacas at the Awana Kancha llama reserve, as well as observe local Andean women making textiles. Then, you can observe the world famous Pisac artisan market and Pisac archaeological site. Also, you can get to Ollantaytambo: the Living Inca City, one of the most stunning sites in Peru.

about 10 days peru

Day 7 – Chinchero/Moray and Train to Machu Picchu

We recommend you start this day observing the incredible colonial Andean town of Chinchero. A local Andean woman will tell you about life in the Andes and show you how they dye and produce textiles by hand. Also you can have lunch and a tour of the archaeological site of Chinchero, where you will visit the incredible circular Incan ruins of Moray that looks down over the Sacred Valley and up to glacier-covered mountains.

Following those tour activities, you will board your train to Machu Picchu. Known as one of the top 5 train rides in the world, you will get to observe the change in scenery from high Andes to the cloud rainforest. You’ll arrive at Aguas Calientes, the base city of Machu Picchu where you will spend the night. Don’t miss the chance to try some traditional peruvian dishes and drinks!

Day 8 –  Machu Picchu

Explore the ruins and enjoy the incredible views of the Lost City of the Incas. When ready, enjoy a private 2.5 hour tour of the entire city. If you booked the Huayna Picchu hike, then you will enjoy that hike at some point during your morning at Machu Picchu. In the late afternoon, return to Aguas Calientes to relax and recount the day’s adventures.

what is machu picchu

Day 9 – Return to Cusco + Tour of Cusco

This morning you must return to Cusco to explore the most incredible sites that this place has to offer, including the world famous Saqsayhuaman fortress ruins high above the city, the Qorikancha Incan Temple of the Sun, and the Main Plaza de Armas, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 10 – Free day in Cusco + Fly to Lima + Await Intl. Departure

This is your last day to enjoy one of the most historic, scenic, and interesting cities in the world. Take a time to visit popular scenic spots like San Blas Neighborhood and to visit some popular restaurants like Morena Peruvian Kitchen. Then, you must take your flight to Lima. Depending on your departure you can spend your remaining hours experiencing great food, culture, and ocean views, until it is time for your return flight home. 

10 days in peru itinerary

For more information contact us to reservations@treehouselodge.com

The Top 10 Adventures You Must Do In The Peruvian Amazon

One of the most exciting things about a trip to the Peruvian Amazon is the wide range of adventures you can find there. Especially in Iquitos, the largest city in Peru inaccessible by car, and the only area where it is possible to visit the actual Amazon river and not a tributary. 

Here are the top 10 adventures you must do on your next trip to Peru

1. Swim in the Amazon River

If you consider yourself adventurous, then put this at #1 in your bucket list for Peru. The Amazon river is the largest river in the world, spans over 4,000 miles and crosses the entire continent of South America. You’ll start the journey on a boat until your guide tells you when it is the perfect moment to take a refreshing dip.


2. Go piranha fishing

This is one of the most popular amazon river excursions. You’ll travel by boat to one of the many great piranha fishing spots in the area. All you need is a wooden pole, string, hook, and some meat to lower the bait into the water and wait for the piranhas to bite. Good luck!

3. Visit Monkey Island 

Preserving the ecosystem of the Amazon’s flora and fauna has become one of the most important priorities to the people of the Amazon. Monkey Island is a family-run sanctuary for New World monkeys. They rescue monkeys, rehabilitate them and then release them back into the wild, there you will see monkeys running freely in their natural habitat. You’ll see a lot of species, such as Wooly Monkeys and Coati.

4. Float through the Giant Lily Pads

The Oxbow Lagoon hosts many species of aquatic plants such as the giant water lily pads. These plants can grow to 6 ft. in diameter with flowers the size of cabbage. You will also observe the strangely interesting hoatzin, a bird feeds exclusively on poisonous plants that it can keep in its crop for several hours.

5. Nighttime Jungle Cruise

In this excursion you will travel along the river, looking for wildlife with flashlights. You will see creatures like colored frogs resting on the floating plants on the edges of the creeks. Also, you will see fishing bats and by the light of your flashlight, you will see potoos, owls, and caimans (located through their red eyes) that venture through the dark to catch their prey.

6. Bird Watching

In the Peruvian Amazon more than 600 species of birds. You will see many species of tanagers, toucans, parrots, parakeets, antbirds, antwrens, woodpeckers, and monkeys that come to feed on the fruit and insects found on the trees. Actually, there are well over 1,700 registered bird species in Peru—hundreds of them in the Amazon rainforest—and new species are discovered each year. 

7. Visit an Amazon Community

Peruvian culture is one of the most interesting things about this country. During your travel to Peru you must visit an Amazon community and interact with the river people who still preserve their traditions, ancient knowledge, and even language. You will get to explore their homes made out of wood and palm trees to see how they live, what they cook, and the way they survive using the natural resources of the rainforest.

8. Swim with Pink Dolphins

The Amazon river dolphin, also known as the pink river dolphin,  lives only in freshwater. During your time in the Peruvian Amazon the world famous Pink and Gray river dolphins will start to appear near your boat while the sunset gives the perfect backdrop, or you can choose to start your morning in the river and see them during their morning feeding.

9. Medicinal Plants of the Amazon

The Peruvian rainforest is like a green pharmacy where you can find many plants used to treat different diseases. You can find forest medicines for headaches, stomachaches, broken bones and more. On this Amazon Jungle excursion, you will explore through this greenery in search for some medicines found in each plant or tree, learning the secrets of the jungle and the relationship between plant and man.

10. Treehouse Canopy Walk

This is a special excursion that Treehouse Lodge offers, the incomparable experience of observing the Amazon rainforest from the treetop canopies. On this excursion you will explore all of the canopy walkways and viewing platforms that dot the area of our ecolodge. Learn about the history and architecture of the lodge while you observe wildlife from 30 – 70 feet above the jungle floor.

amazon river excursions
Amazon river excursions

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Honeymoon in The Amazon

What better way to start your life together than with a once in a lifetime experience in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon? Make your honeymoon unforgettable at Treehouse Lodge by choosing one of our 12 treehouses  for you and your loved one to discover the magic of the amazon jungle.

Why you should choose the Amazon as your honeymoon destination:

1. Unique destination

Did you know that the Amazon has been named as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature because it’s the world’s largest tropical rainforest and the most biodiverse as well?

At Treehouse Lodge you’ll experience sleeping in an actual treehouse equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. The bungalows range from 36 ft to 67 ft, all joined by secure walkways and platforms for excellent wildlife spotting opportunities with your partner. Also, this treehouse resort has been considered one of the 10 most unusual hotels in the world by National Geographic.

honeymoon in the amazon

2. Flexible Itineraries

One of the best things about choosing the Amazon rainforest as your honeymoon destination it’s you’ll never get bored because of the variety of activities and tours you’ll find there. At Treehouse lodge you can choose more than 15 excursions. From swimming in the Amazon river with your partner, to stargazing on a nighttime river cruise, or just relaxing with an unforgettable view from the treetop canopy, Treehouse Lodge is the perfect venue to start your adventure together.


3. Amazing photos

The Peruvian Amazon is full of unique picture-perfect romantic moments and incredible spots to keep your experience as a memory in a photo, or to share it on social media.

honeymoon in tha peruvian amazon

4. All-Inclusive

The last thing you want to have to do on your honeymoon is worry about the logistics of a trip in the Amazonian rainforest. At Treehouse Lodge you will have an all-inclusive experience. From the excursions, private guides, private boat drivers, transportation, and of course to all of your meals. Speaking of food, your meals at Treehouse Lodge feature the world-famous Peruvian cuisine which will surely be a memorable part of your Honeymoon stay.


5. Romance Package

The ultimate Treehouse Lodge romance package is the best option if  you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, whether you’re planning your honeymoon, celebrating your anniversary, renewing vows or even your wedding. Now, we can offer you a special romance package that includes a decorated area of the lodge, 1 Bottle of Wine, Pablo the Sloth as a witness (when available, not guaranteed), a professional photo package and more. Visit our site for more details!

romance package    romantic package treehouse lodge

Yoga Retreats in the Peruvian Amazon

Have you ever imagined experiencing a yoga retreat in the middle of the Amazon? At Treehouse Lodge you’ll enjoy the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest and feel the spiritual wholeness of yoga.

Plan a Yoga Retreat at Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge is located at the headwaters of the Amazon, at the serene confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers in Iquitos, Peru. The deep connection with self and nature is an inevitable part of the experience. 

Our ecolodge in Peru was designed to be a continual interaction with nature and provides the ideal sanctuary for Yoga retreats. Our staff will take care of your guests from start to finish. Simply show up, unravel your mat and mind through uplifting to do Yoga, we’ll take care of the rest…

treehouse yoga retreats

Places to Practice Yoga at Treehouse Lodge

Our “comedor” or main lodge was designed with Yoga retreats in mind. Outside of mealtimes we rearrange the entire layout of the Comedor for yoga sessions that are comfortable for up to 20-25 participants. We also have a large upper balcony if you need more space. Additionally, 12 independent Treehouses allow for a variety of combinations for guests to stay and practice Yoga.

And if you want to be adventurous, there are large canopy bridges, a floating raft for up to 10 people, an elevated tower, and beautiful walkways that are perfect for Yoga. When you plan your retreat to the Treehouse resort, our entire property becomes your new Yoga studio. Only you can imagine how our space can best accommodate your adventurous Yogis!

You are also encouraged to use this retreat as a launching or ending point for further exploration of this pristine part of the world. At our eco-friendly treehouse hotel, accommodations, excursions, private guides, and transportation are all included as well as wholesome food, all within a tranquil environment.

Join in on the fun with new friends and indulge in some unforgettable experiences! For more info contact us to reservations@treehouselodge.com

Top 10 Facts that Make Iquitos a Unique Destination

monkey island iquitos

If you are looking for Iquitos as your next destination, Treehouse Lodge has the best travel tips to help you make the most of your travel to the Peruvian Amazon.

Iquitos: 10 Facts that make it a unique destination


1. Native Culture

iquitos peru facts


If you want to truly experience the Peruvian native culture, Iquitos is the perfect place. Visit an Amazon community and interact with the river people who still preserve their traditions, ancient knowledge, and even language. 

They are skillful craft makers. Consider purchasing some locally made handicrafts, the perfect Amazonian souvenir.



2. Flora and fauna of the Amazon



Iquitos is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Over time, many animals that normally lived in the ocean like dolphins and manatees have adapted to the fresh waters of the Amazon. Pink and gray dolphins are frequently spotted at the confluence of rivers. Also there are thousands of species of birds, monkeys, sloths and more.




3. The Iron House of Iquitos (La Casa de Fierro)

casa de fierro

Located just off the main Plaza de Armas of Iquitos is the Iron House of Iquitos. Widely considered the finest samples of Civil Architecture in Peru, it’s one of the top-visited sites. It now features a restaurant on the second floor, overlooking the plaza.

One famous myth states that the origin of the Iron House began in France from a certain architect named Eiffel.




4. Outdoor activities: Excursions and Tours

amazon river excursions

There are a lot of things to do in Iquitos. The main attractions are the Amazon River excursions, fishing for piranhas, swimming or kayaking in the river. Visiting the Amazonian communities or going to the Belen Market are also popular as well.

Here’s a list of the top 7 excursions you have to try at Treehouse Lodge. 



5. Treehouse Lodge

treehouse lodge


Staying at the Treehouse Lodge is one of the most unique experiences on the planet. Our all-inclusive lodge has 12 unique treehouses in the middle of the jungle. Stay with us and you’ll see the rainforest from an entirely new perspective that most visitors never experience… the treetop canopy.





6. The Amazon River

amazon river excursions




Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and has direct access to the mighty Amazon River.







7. The weather

thing to do in iquitos



Iquitos experiences a tropical climate with an average daily temperature of 30 – 32°C (86 – 90°F) and then cooler nights of 20 – 22°C (68 – 72°F). December – May brings high-water followed by the low-water season that spans from June – November. 



8. Monkey Island

monkey island iquitos



Monkey Island is absolutely packed full of monkeys, with nine different species roaming freely throughout the 200-hectare area. You could see a variety of monkeys, such as Wooly Monkeys and also Coati.




9. Medicinal Plants of the Amazon

ayahuasca iquitos


The Amazon rainforest is like a green pharmacy. You can find forest medicines for headaches, stomachaches, hernias– even for diabetes. A lot of people look for Ayahuasca retreats but it’s important to do good research first. 



10. Peruvian Food


Trying some Peruvian dishes is a must in your Iquitos to-do list. For example, Juane, a mixture of rice and herbs that cradles chicken pieces and is wrapped in banana leaves. Plantains are also a popular addition to many dishes like Pollo a la Brasa and the famous Tacacho which is plaintain mixed with fried egg and ham.




2020: Celebrating a New Generation of Taricaya Turtles

taricaya turtle release

Join us to the 3rd Annual Taricaya Turtles release at Treehouse Lodge

The new year will begin with a special event: the release of a new generation of baby Taricaya Turtles into their habitat in Iquitos, Peru!

taricaya turtle release taricaya turtle release

As an Eco-Friendly hotel, Treehouse Lodge proudly supports the Turtle Preservation Project in Peru. Taricaya turtles were in abundance along the Amazon but due to development and logging their population has declined. 2020 it’s going to be the 3rd year that we are supporting this great project, as a combined effort to help preserve the Taricaya and their place in the Amazonian ecosystem.

These Taricaya turtles are found in tributaries and large lakes of South America’s Amazon Basin. Their average life span is 60 to 70 years. They can grow up to 45 cm long and weigh up to 8 kg. Taricaya can be recognized by a black or brown oval carapace with low keels on the second and third scutes.


Due to illegal egg poaching, these tiny turtles have become an endangered species. The involvement in wildlife conservation is an important part of our vision and allows us to safeguard the environment. With guidance from the Treehouse Lodge team, all of our guests in the two first weeks of January will have the opportunity to participate directly in this important wildlife conservation project.

taricaya turtles taricaya turtles 20202020 turtle release












(From January 1st to 15th)

 Don’t lose the chance to enjoy all of our Amazon river excursions included in the experience of staying at Treehouse Lodge.

Join us in January to release a baby turtle. We look forward to helping to nurture the next generation of Taricaya babies!

What Does The Inside of Treehouse Lodge Look Like?

Although the photos of our Treehouses are stunning and shared across social media all over the world, the true beauty of Treehouse Lodge is from the inside looking out. Check out this blog to get to know the interior of each of our 12 treehouses, located in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Check out the interior of our 12 treehouses:

Treehouse 1 – Dos Ramas

Treehouse one has a beautiful view of both the jungle and the towering Comedor. It’s the closest to the main lodge. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 36 feet off the ground and diameter of 17 feet.

tree house interior eco lodge iquitos peru

Treehouse 2 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Two is located above the seasonally flooded zone of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 38 feet off the ground and diameter of 16 feet.

tree house interior

Treehouse 3 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Three is the only treehouse with a view of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 39 feet off the ground and spans approximately 19 feet in diameter.

tree house interior

Treehouse 4 – Casa Grande

Treehouse Four looks and feels like the charming home fit for the Swiss Family Robinson. Sleeps up to 5 people (one king bed and one twin or three twins). It sites 34 feet off the ground and diameter of 22 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 5 – Bamboo House

Treehouse Five has an exterior staircase that takes you outside the platforms and enters through the side of the treehouse. On top of the stairs is a unique balcony. It sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). And it sites 39 feet off the ground and a Diameter of 17 feet.

Treehouse 6 – Casa Alta

Treehouse Six towers over the jungle providing magnificent views of the surrounding Amazon rainforest. Sleeps up to 2 people  (two twin beds). It sites 67 feet off the ground and diameter of 15 feet.

Treehouse 7 – Solitude

Treehouse Seven stands tall and provides a beautiful, secluded home nestled amongst the trees, it’s the deepest into the jungle. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 65 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 8 – The Cradle

Treehouse Eight is uniquely positioned inside numerous branches that cradle the hut comfortably in the jungle’s embrace. It’s the most secluded one. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 60 feet off the ground and Diameter of 18 feet.

treehouse balcony

Treehouse 9 –  Serena

Treehouse Nine is one of the largest and newest treehouses. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 40 feet off the ground and diameter of 20 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 10 – Costa Bella

Treehouse Ten is right on the river bank and has the best river view and has a balcony. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). Sits 53 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 11 

Treehouse Eleven is our largest Treehouse consisting of three separate rooms. It’s made up of three smaller treehouses and sleeps up to 6 people (three queen beds). It sits 45 feet off the ground.

Treehouse 12 

Treehouse Twelve is our newest treehouse, and perfect for animal viewing. It’s the most secluded Treehouse on our property past Treehouse #7. Sleeps up to 2 people (one king bed or two twins). It sites 70 feet off the ground.

treehouse twelve

For more details about treehouses and excursions in the Peruvian Amazon visit our site.