Yoga Retreats in the Peruvian Amazon

Have you ever imagined experiencing a yoga retreat in the middle of the Amazon? At Treehouse Lodge you’ll enjoy the ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest and feel the spiritual wholeness of yoga.

Plan a Yoga Retreat at Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge is located at the headwaters of the Amazon, at the serene confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers in Iquitos, Peru. The deep connection with self and nature is an inevitable part of the experience. 

Our ecolodge in Peru was designed to be a continual interaction with nature and provides the ideal sanctuary for Yoga retreats. Our staff will take care of your guests from start to finish. Simply show up, unravel your mat and mind through uplifting to do Yoga, we’ll take care of the rest…

treehouse yoga retreats

Places to Practice Yoga at Treehouse Lodge

Our “comedor” or main lodge was designed with Yoga retreats in mind. Outside of mealtimes we rearrange the entire layout of the Comedor for yoga sessions that are comfortable for up to 20-25 participants. We also have a large upper balcony if you need more space. Additionally, 12 independent Treehouses allow for a variety of combinations for guests to stay and practice Yoga.

And if you want to be adventurous, there are large canopy bridges, a floating raft for up to 10 people, an elevated tower, and beautiful walkways that are perfect for Yoga. When you plan your retreat to the Treehouse resort, our entire property becomes your new Yoga studio. Only you can imagine how our space can best accommodate your adventurous Yogis!

You are also encouraged to use this retreat as a launching or ending point for further exploration of this pristine part of the world. At our eco-friendly treehouse hotel, accommodations, excursions, private guides, and transportation are all included as well as wholesome food, all within a tranquil environment.

Join in on the fun with new friends and indulge in some unforgettable experiences! For more info contact us to

2020: Celebrating a New Generation of Taricaya Turtles

taricaya turtle release

Join us to the 3rd Annual Taricaya Turtles release at Treehouse Lodge

The new year will begin with a special event: the release of a new generation of baby Taricaya Turtles into their habitat in Iquitos, Peru!

taricaya turtle release taricaya turtle release

As an Eco-Friendly hotel, Treehouse Lodge proudly supports the Turtle Preservation Project in Peru. Taricaya turtles were in abundance along the Amazon but due to development and logging their population has declined. 2020 it’s going to be the 3rd year that we are supporting this great project, as a combined effort to help preserve the Taricaya and their place in the Amazonian ecosystem.

These Taricaya turtles are found in tributaries and large lakes of South America’s Amazon Basin. Their average life span is 60 to 70 years. They can grow up to 45 cm long and weigh up to 8 kg. Taricaya can be recognized by a black or brown oval carapace with low keels on the second and third scutes.


Due to illegal egg poaching, these tiny turtles have become an endangered species. The involvement in wildlife conservation is an important part of our vision and allows us to safeguard the environment. With guidance from the Treehouse Lodge team, all of our guests in the two first weeks of January will have the opportunity to participate directly in this important wildlife conservation project.

taricaya turtles taricaya turtles 20202020 turtle release












(From January 1st to 15th)

 Don’t lose the chance to enjoy all of our Amazon river excursions included in the experience of staying at Treehouse Lodge.

Join us in January to release a baby turtle. We look forward to helping to nurture the next generation of Taricaya babies!

What Does The Inside of Treehouse Lodge Look Like?

Although the photos of our Treehouses are stunning and shared across social media all over the world, the true beauty of Treehouse Lodge is from the inside looking out. Check out this blog to get to know the interior of each of our 12 treehouses, located in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Check out the interior of our 12 treehouses:

Treehouse 1 – Dos Ramas

Treehouse one has a beautiful view of both the jungle and the towering Comedor. It’s the closest to the main lodge. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 36 feet off the ground and diameter of 17 feet.

tree house interior eco lodge iquitos peru

Treehouse 2 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Two is located above the seasonally flooded zone of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 38 feet off the ground and diameter of 16 feet.

tree house interior

Treehouse 3 – Laguna Vista

Treehouse Three is the only treehouse with a view of the Yarapa River. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 39 feet off the ground and spans approximately 19 feet in diameter.

tree house interior

Treehouse 4 – Casa Grande

Treehouse Four looks and feels like the charming home fit for the Swiss Family Robinson. Sleeps up to 5 people (one king bed and one twin or three twins). It sites 34 feet off the ground and diameter of 22 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 5 – Bamboo House

Treehouse Five has an exterior staircase that takes you outside the platforms and enters through the side of the treehouse. On top of the stairs is a unique balcony. It sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). And it sites 39 feet off the ground and a Diameter of 17 feet.

Treehouse 6 – Casa Alta

Treehouse Six towers over the jungle providing magnificent views of the surrounding Amazon rainforest. Sleeps up to 2 people  (two twin beds). It sites 67 feet off the ground and diameter of 15 feet.

Treehouse 7 – Solitude

Treehouse Seven stands tall and provides a beautiful, secluded home nestled amongst the trees, it’s the deepest into the jungle. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 65 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 8 – The Cradle

Treehouse Eight is uniquely positioned inside numerous branches that cradle the hut comfortably in the jungle’s embrace. It’s the most secluded one. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 60 feet off the ground and Diameter of 18 feet.

treehouse balcony

Treehouse 9 –  Serena

Treehouse Nine is one of the largest and newest treehouses. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). It sits 40 feet off the ground and diameter of 20 feet.

tree house interior


Treehouse 10 – Costa Bella

Treehouse Ten is right on the river bank and has the best river view and has a balcony. Sleeps up to 3 people (one king bed or two twins). Sits 53 feet off the ground and diameter of 18 feet.

Treehouse 11 

Treehouse Eleven is our largest Treehouse consisting of three separate rooms. It’s made up of three smaller treehouses and sleeps up to 6 people (three queen beds). It sits 45 feet off the ground.

Treehouse 12 

Treehouse Twelve is our newest treehouse, and perfect for animal viewing. It’s the most secluded Treehouse on our property past Treehouse #7. Sleeps up to 2 people (one king bed or two twins). It sites 70 feet off the ground.

treehouse twelve

For more details about treehouses and excursions in the Peruvian Amazon visit our site.


When is the best time to visit Treehouse Lodge?

If you are planning your next vacation to Treehouse Lodge, you are probably wondering when is the best time to visit the amazon ecolodge. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter – Treehouse Lodge remains an ideal vacation retreat year-round. 

December trough May brings high-water followed by the low-water season that spans June – November. In planning your trip, you will want to take into consideration the type of Amazon experience you prefer for your treehouse vacations.

High Water vs. Low Water at Treehouse Lodge

High Water: Typically December through May

  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet higher.
  • More waterways are navigable by canoe for animal and forest viewing in lakes and streams.
  • More rain but generally not bad at all. Rain occurs frequently in low season too.
  • A few degrees cooler.
  • There tends to be a few more mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute and they can be found year around.
  • 3 of the treehouses are in the flooded area between the river and the main lodge which makes a beautiful scene. The cable bridges easily carry you above the water.
  • The amazon rainforest is usually its lushest and some would say most beautiful.
  • More pink dolphins can be found directly in the front of the treehouse hotel, but they can easily be seen year around not far from the lodge.

    eco friendly treehouse

Low Water: Typically June through November

  • Rivers are about 20 – 25 feet lower.
  • More jungle paths are exposed for walking excursions
  • Travel to some areas requires a little walking instead of only canoe.
  • Less rain.
  • A few degrees warmer.
  • There tends to be fewer mosquitos, but that’s not an absolute.
    best time to visit the amazon

7 Tips To Prepare for Your Vacation at Treehouse Lodge

treehouse hotel

This is the beginning of your lifetime experience at Treehouse Lodge, the only all-inclusive Treehouse hotel in the Amazon in Iquitos, Peru. Once your reservation is booked with us, here are some things to consider before your trip.

Here are 7 tips to prepare for your treehouse vacation:

treehouse stay

1. Tickets to Iquitos

Get your flights to Iquitos. Make sure to book your flights so that you arrive before 2:00 PM and make sure your departing flight leaves after 12 Noon. You can visit the travel section of this website for additional information and recommendations for your tickets. 

2. Electronic Devices 

Electricity in Peru and at Treehouse Lodge is at 220 Volts. Most electronic devices will work with 220 V, but please check first because you may damage your device otherwise. Because we are an ecolodge we run a grid of SOLAR electricity, curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons are an excessive drain, making other devices not able to charge properly.

3. Medications and Vaccines

We recommend discussing your medications and vaccines with your doctor. You should also discuss antimalarial medications and possibly an antibiotic in case you have any gastrointestinal problems during your trip to the jungle treehouse. Visit this website to understand the recommendations of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

treehouse vacation

4. Dietary Restrictions

We serve food that will meet the tastes and needs of all guests. When we can, we will give you a couple choices, but the menu is not “a la carte.” Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.


5. Money

The currency of Peru is the Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN). We recommend that you get cash from ATMs instead of converting your currency into Nuevo Soles in Peru. ATMs will generally give you the best conversion ratio. Once you get to the Amazon lodge, you will need cash for alcoholic drinks, tips, and souvenirs – all other expenses are included. When you visit a local village, you will likely have the opportunity to purchase handicrafts and souvenirs. Treehouse Lodge also has a few items you may want.


6. Gratuities

Tipping is customary in Peru, although it is not obligatory. We pay our staff a wage or salary and if you feel they exceeded your expectations please feel free to tip your guide and your boat driver directly and/or any other member of the staff using the tip box in the Main Lodge.


7. Communication

Although some may see it otherwise, we believe one of the real benefits of staying at Treehouse hotel is that you will not have WIFI or cell service. Reconnect with yourself, fellow travelers, and the world for a couple of days by putting your communication devices away and enjoying your treehouse vacations. 

treehouse stay