3 Reasons You’ll Love The Comedor at Treehouse Lodge

My favorite part of Treehouse Lodge is hearing the sounds of the jungle. Whether I am relaxing in my treehouse at the end of an incredible day, walking through the jungle on an excursion, or navigating the calm waters at night, under the star-filled sky, with my private guide, the sounds of the rain forest provide the perfect accompaniment.
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Recipe: Peruvian-Style White Rice

Rice: the simplest of foods. Yet, you’ll find it served in countless different ways throughout the world yielding distinct flavors enticing to any tourist.

It may come as no surprise that the best rice I’ve ever tasted was in Peru as Peruvians eat rice with almost everything making them the most experienced of critics. So, how do you cook rice that would impress even the most refined Peruvian palette?
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What is the Weather Like in Cusco?

Your arrival in Cusco will be memorable. Upon departing baggage claim you will notice a few things: the sun in stronger, the air is crisper, and thinner; you may even feel a shortness of breath. Next, as you approach the historic center of Cusco, you will start to notice a shift in architecture: cobblestone streets start to appear, incan stones begin to show up at the base of buildings and hotels, spanish colonial arches frame the main plaza and surrounding blocks. It doesn’t take long to realize why this city is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more What is the Weather Like in Cusco?

What is the Inca Trail?

Machu Picchu is consistently the #1 travel destination in the world. Why? The answer is simple: the experience is mesmerizing and unique. You aren’t merely driving up to the lookout, getting out of the car, and snapping a few photos; you are traveling to the depths of South America, into the heart of the Andes. Stumbling onto the Lost City of the Incas is just one part of the journey. Read more What is the Inca Trail?

What is Machu Picchu?

Recently, my grandfather asked me what I thought of “Machee Poochoo.” Oftentimes, after a documentary airs on National Geographic, my friends will reach out and tell me they learned all about “Michii Pichii.” The mysteries of Machu Picchu start with the pronunciation. It is pronounced “Mah – Choo, Pee – Choo” and it can be found in the deep Andes of Peru. Read more What is Machu Picchu?