7 Tips To Prepare for Your Vacation at Treehouse Lodge

This is the beginning of your lifetime experience at Treehouse Lodge, the only all-inclusive Treehouse hotel in the Amazon in Iquitos, Peru. Once your reservation is booked with us, here are some things to consider before your trip.

Here are 7 tips to prepare for your treehouse vacation:

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1. Tickets to Iquitos

Get your flights to Iquitos. Make sure to book your flights so that you arrive before 2:00 PM and make sure your departing flight leaves after 12 Noon. You can visit the travel section of this website for additional information and recommendations for your tickets. 

2. Electronic Devices 

Electricity in Peru and at Treehouse Lodge is at 220 Volts. Most electronic devices will work with 220 V, but please check first because you may damage your device otherwise. Because we are an ecolodge we run a grid of SOLAR electricity, curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons are an excessive drain, making other devices not able to charge properly.

3. Medications and Vaccines

We recommend discussing your medications and vaccines with your doctor. You should also discuss antimalarial medications and possibly an antibiotic in case you have any gastrointestinal problems during your trip to the jungle treehouse. Visit this website https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/peru to understand the recommendations of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

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4. Dietary Restrictions

We serve food that will meet the tastes and needs of all guests. When we can, we will give you a couple choices, but the menu is not “a la carte.” Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.


5. Money

The currency of Peru is the Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN). We recommend that you get cash from ATMs instead of converting your currency into Nuevo Soles in Peru. ATMs will generally give you the best conversion ratio. Once you get to the Amazon lodge, you will need cash for alcoholic drinks, tips, and souvenirs – all other expenses are included. When you visit a local village, you will likely have the opportunity to purchase handicrafts and souvenirs. Treehouse Lodge also has a few items you may want.


6. Gratuities

Tipping is customary in Peru, although it is not obligatory. We pay our staff a wage or salary and if you feel they exceeded your expectations please feel free to tip your guide and your boat driver directly and/or any other member of the staff using the tip box in the Main Lodge.


7. Communication

Although some may see it otherwise, we believe one of the real benefits of staying at Treehouse hotel is that you will not have WIFI or cell service. Reconnect with yourself, fellow travelers, and the world for a couple of days by putting your communication devices away and enjoying your treehouse vacations. 

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