3 Reasons You’ll Love The Comedor at Treehouse Lodge

My favorite part of Treehouse Lodge is hearing the sounds of the jungle. Whether I am relaxing in my treehouse at the end of an incredible day, walking through the jungle on an excursion, or navigating the calm waters at night, under the star-filled sky, with my private guide, the sounds of the amazon rain forest provide the perfect accompaniment.

I remember returning to Treehouse Lodge after a successful piranha fishing trip. We walked on the covered pathway towards the “Comedor” (Main Lodge). Rony, the host, greeted us with ice-cold passion fruit juice. After a delicious lunch, I chose to have two hours of downtime to relax. I took the stairs to the second floor of the Comedor and spread myself onto a hammock. The sounds of the jungle lulled me to sleep and gave me one of the best and most memorable naps of my life.

Here are the three reasons you’ll love the Comedor during your trip to the amazon lodges in Iquitos.

The Food

At Treehouse Lodge the menu is carefully prepared each day for each guest. Whether you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or you want to taste the incredible flavors of the Peruvian Amazon, Treehouse Lodge will cater your experience and provide unique and delicious cuisine. A quick scroll through past guest experiences shows that the food is almost always one of the standout experiences during your time in the rain forest. During my experience I particularly enjoyed the fried catfish, the chicken milanesa, and, of course, the very piranhas that you catch during your excursion.


The Adventure

The Comedor will be the meeting place for you and your private guide. One of the unique aspects of Treehouse Lodge in Iquitos is that each reservation gets their own guide. Over the years that I’ve traveled to the Amazon this is something I’ve only found at Treehouse Lodge, and it makes all the difference. Each morning, afternoon, and evening, you sit down with your guide in the Comedor and “choose your own adventure.” Whether you want to schedule watching the sunset on the Amazon with the Pink River Dolphins, visit the local Amazonian village, look for sloths and monkeys, go birdwatching, fish for piranhas, search for medicinal plants, or embark on any of our other excursions, you get to plan each of these activities with your guide.

The Relaxation

Ultimately most of your relaxation will take place in your very own treehouse, but during the downtime in-between excursions, you may choose to relax in the Comedor. The second floor features a handful of hammocks, couches, and rocking chairs. Whether you want to take the best nap of your life in a hammock listening to the sound of the amazon jungle, or whether you would like to play board games or read a great book, the Comedor is the perfect place to do so. Plus, it gives you instant access to the bar on the ground floor if you want to grab an ice-cold drink.


When you visit this amazon lodge in Peru, you become family. We welcome you to our dining and living room – the Comedor, where we all gather to make memories and plan adventures. This is home to your delicious meals and it is the place where we welcome you upon your arrival and, when the sad time comes to depart, we wish you a fond farewell. We can’t wait to see you – the Comedor awaits!



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